Shell Emerald

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Product Weight
15 kg/m²
Product Count Per M2
75 pcs/m²

Bringing together ceramic pieces of Shell adds a stylish and natural aesthetic to your spaces.


Things to Consider When Using Ceramics

1- If you think there is a quality problem when you receive your ceramic product, please send us a sample immediately.

2- Please keep some of the excess ceramics for later use in possible renovations.

3- Clean the dirt and grease on the ceramics with cleaning-friendly materials. Do not use cleaning products containing very heavy acids such as salt spirit and descaler.

4- You can easily use our products with flex, grout, filler and ceramic adhesive in wet or dry areas in your interiors.


Matters to be Considered When Ordering

1- Please calculate the amount of wastage during ordering and place your order. In case of shortage, the color tone and size of your additional order may not be the same as your first order.

2- We use cracked glaze, which is an artistic glaze, throughout our products. These hairline cracks may continue after application. These hairline cracks do not indicate the poor quality of the product.

3- Our metallic glazed products are not resistant to cleaning materials containing heavy chemicals.

4- We can produce products in special colors according to the RAL code or color sample you provide.

5- If you cannot decide on your order, please request a sample from us.

6- Chemicals containing heavy metals that harm the environment and human health are never used during production.


How to Apply Our Products?

1- Our shaped ceramics are generally suitable for wall use.

2- The skill of the person who will make the application is very important. We recommend that you choose masters who have applied such products before.

3- The area to be applied should be measured very well and it should not be forgotten to add the waste when ordering.

4- When you receive your order, which has been produced specially for you with a lot of hand labor, please check whether the product is the product in your order and its quantity.

5-Before deciding how you want to lay the product, lay a few m² on the floor. After you have decided how you want to install it, start the application.

6- Since we have a labor-intensive production process, there may be very small size differences within the products themselves. These small differences can be minimized with a lesson.

7- Please make sure that the application area is flat.

8- You can use grout in any gap you want.

9- In wet areas, we recommend using a quality flex adhesive and flex joint filler that will provide moisture and waterproofing.

10- Weather conditions are very important during application.

    - If the weather is below zero during application, that is, do not apply at freezing temperatures.

    - In hot weather, prefer late drying flex adhesives and joint fillers.

11- We recommend using a rubber mallet during application.

12- Application should be done from the bottom up.

For more information, please visit our contact page. 

Weight 15 kg/m²
Count 75 pcs/m²